Neverfail Platform Reliability Active & Passive ServersHigh availability is not just about data but also about the ability to continue with business regardless of the type of failure. For today’s organizations, high availability is essential, especially in industries with strict compliance and regulatory requirements such as financial services, legal and government.

Typical clustering systems support high availability but at a price well beyond the budgetary goals of today’s businesses. Simple replication systems lack full-recovery capabilities and require user intervention to restart applications, often taking 15, 20, 30 minutes or more to resume operations. That can mean a significant loss of revenue, productivity and reputation.

Your Comprehensive High Availability Solution

Neverfail provides an end-to-end high availability solution for companies of all sizes that will fit your business requirements and IT budget.

Award-winning Neverfail products support every major Windows®-based application, including Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, SQL Server, File Server, and IIS, as well as RIM BlackBerry®, IBM® Lotus® Domino® and Oracle® Database. An added layer of powerful functionality is offered through our Low Bandwidth Module — a data compression tool, Data Rollback Module and Application Module eXtension products.

In addition, Neverfail provides two unique components as part of every Neverfail solution:

Neverfail Heartbeat technology that enables the replication of data from the active to the passive server — over a LAN or WAN and protects against a wide range of potential failures; ensuring true high availability. 
Neverfail SCOPE Professional uses advanced, automated tools to gather and analyze information about key application components, services and performance attributes. This ensures the pre-installation health of your server environment, as well as the on-going reliability of your servers. 
Easy-to-use Neverfail products are also ideal for IT projects requiring planned downtime such as migrations, upgrades, maintenance, and server consolidation (virtualization).

The Solution You Need

In today’s business world, high availability is more than mission-critical — it’s critical to the very life of an organization. With Neverfail, you’ll have the true high availability solution you need for your IT environment.