MORE DEMANDS on your business—DEMAND MORE from your server.

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At NIKTEK we understand the last few years have placed unprecedented demands on your company’s communication capabilities. Demands to keep e-mail flowing in the face of threats and potential disasters. Demands to keep employees productive from anywhere. Not to mention demands on your department to do it all- efficiently and cost-effectively. Introducing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. We can help provide you provide your business with:

  • Anywhere access capabilities.
    Mobile workers will have the ability to be more productive from virtually anywhere. Through a familiar Microsoft Office Outlook® experience, email, voice mail, calendar, and faxes are seamlessly delivered to one inbox enabling users to easily share documents and set up meetings.
  • Comprehensive protection and disaster recovery capabilities.
    Maintain system integrity, protect intellectual property and help ensure the uninterrupted flow of e-mail and business. New built-in compliance tools simplify the process of meeting internal and regulatory requirements.
  • More efficient and cost-effective deployment.
    Simplify the administration process and maximize the return on your hardware and networking investments with a native 64-bit support. We can also help you find and fix problems quickly to raise operational efficiency to a whole new level.

Let us help your department reduce costs, boost productivity, and deliver enhanced messaging while streamlining infrastructure.

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