I have created a Dial-peer for the Cisco UC500 or CME. A client had asked me how to disable Caller-ID on their Cisco UC540 phone system on a per call basis (not all the time and only for some calls).  The issue was using UC540 with a PRI in PBX mode.. the user must dial a 9 to get an outside line.  Verizon was requiring the user to dial a *67 to disable or block Caller ID to the called party.  Dialing a *67 into the Cisco phone system would give the user a fast busy tone.. because it does not have a dial peer that can handle the *67 digits.  so my solutions was to add a dial-peer that allowed the user to dial an 8 to get an outside line for any calls he would like to block his caller ID to the outside world. This way normal calls will use the 9 and when blocking his caller ID is required he can use the 8 to dial an outside line.


I created dial-peer 99 (which was free on the system) which looks for the user to DIAL 8+PHONE NUMBER to disable Caller-ID.  This dial-peer calls a translation profile that modifies the number sent to verizon.


dial-peer voice 99 pots

trunkgroup ALL_T1E1

corlist outgoing call-national


translation-profile outgoing OUT_CALLERID_BLOCK

preference 3

destination-pattern 81[2-9]..[2-9]T

forward-digits all

no sip-register


voice translation-profile OUT_CALLERID_BLOCK

translate calling 1199


voice translation-rule 1199

rule 1 /^8/ /*67\1/

***This rule says “Strip the Digit 8 and then add and send *67(plus the rest of the number) to verizon.


As you can see if I run the UC540 through a test…. The number I DIAL is 82038741273 and it translates it to *672038741273 and now will send the caller-id blocking code to the ISP.

UC540PROMPT#  test voice translation-rule 1199 82038741273


Matched with rule 1

Original number: 82038741273 Translated number: *672038741273

Original number type: none Translated number type: none

Original number plan: none Translated number plan: none