Cisco TelePresence High Definition Video Conferencing

NIKTEK LLC is offering Cisco hosted TelePresence for business. We will order and ship the hardware to any loction and NIKTEK will setup the Cisco Callway TelePresence accounts for you.

What is required?

  • Cisco Callway service
  • Internet connection with enough bandwidth.
  • Cisco Callway compatible endpoint


Callway Benefits:

  • Subscription Based.
  • Hosted Service with Support from Cisco Systems.
  • High Definition Video.
  • Ease of Use. Use URI dialing to reach other people (URI is
  • Meet-Me Service. Have real conferences with video and audio participants.
  • Ready-to-use. Plug in and start calling.
  • Unlimited connectivity. No Per-call charges above regular monthly fee.



Cisco TelePresence for Growing Businesses

Cisco® Callway can help you use high-definition (HD) video and telepresence1 to transform your business, do more with less, and cut costs. With this service you can accelerate decision making; enhance relations with staff, customers, and partners; and reduce travel requirements. And with its low cost, Cisco Callway can produce an immediate return on your investment.

What Is Cisco Callway?

Together with an endpoint, Cisco Callway is all you need for high definition video and voice communications across the Internet. As a subscription-based service, Cisco Callway makes video collaboration affordable and accessible for any organization. Hosted and powered by Cisco, it makes telepresence effortless and accessible from any location with a broadband connection. With ready-to-use simplicity, Cisco Callway is installed in minutes, and it is as easy to use as your telephone.
Cisco Callway enables communication both within your organization and across company boundaries. You can easily dial and connect to other Cisco Callway subscribers, as well as any standards-based video user, and then switch transparently between video and voice to call landlines and cell phones.

It could not be simpler: Choose from room or personal systems, select a monthly service plan, plug into your broadband connection, and you are ready to make unlimited voice and video calls. Now with Cisco Callway, you can start cutting costs, increasing productivity, and strengthening relationships across teams, customers, and partners.

Cisco Callway Benefits for Your Business

  • Subscription-based: Cisco Callway enables telepresence use without a large investment. For a low-cost monthly fee, you get the power of video productivity plus voice communications across the Internet.
  • Hosted service: Cisco Callway removes the cost and complexities of buying and managing the necessary customer premises video network infrastructure, making telepresence an affordable reality and accessible to your business.
  • High-definition video: A business-quality experience delivers all the benefits of face-to-face meetings without the cost in time and travel. Cisco Callway enables you to maintain and build relationships and bring teams together as if you are together in person to reduce development times and speed decision making.
  • Ease of use: You can use the Cisco Callway phonebook and MyContact directory to easily dial internal and external parties. You can reach any Cisco Callway subscriber using your unique local phone number or use Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) dialing to reach any standards-based video user. Cisco Callway makes telepresence calling as easy as using your phone.
  • Meet-me service: Cisco Callway helps you easily scale meetings to include multiple video and audio participants through multipoint meet-me conferencing services. You can collaborate face-to-face across multiple sites with larger groups through secure multipoint conferencing services for impromptu or scheduled meetings.
  • Ready-to-use provisioning: The application is installed in minutes and requires no IT skills or expertise to get started.
  • Unlimited connectivity: Connectivity is unlimited for high-definition video and voice over the Internet. You can connect Cisco Callway to Cisco Callway or Cisco Callway to standards-based video endpoints, inbound voice calls, and optional outbound (domestic) voice—you can reach anyone, anywhere at any time.
  • Cisco Callway supports a broad range of endpoint choices to meet your business needs from the personal office and desktop all the way to multipurpose conference rooms.

Cisco TelePresence Personal Endpoints

The Cisco IP Video Phone E20 is the only business-quality IP video phone in the market, and it is perfect for mobile workers at desktops and at remote locations. With this phone you can comfortably switch between voice and video.

The Cisco TelePresence System EX Series offers you personal telepresence experiences for your desktop. The Cisco TelePresence System EX60 and EX90 models let you and your colleagues instantly collaborate face-to-face, whether you are separated by a hallway, a street, or several time zones. You can access the features you need right from your desktop, with the touch of a finger.

Cisco TelePresence Movi allows mobile workers to participate in personal telepresence meetings. Using an existing PC or Mac and a USB camera, team members at every level of an organization can stay visually connected from remote offices, at home, or on the road, whenever they need to collaborate.

Cisco TelePresence Multipurpose Meeting Rooms

The Cisco TelePresence System Profile 42-inch with Cisco TelePresence System Codec C20 offers a large high-definition screen that creates a life-like meeting experience. Easy to set up and simple to use, it is ideal for team and board meetings.

The Cisco TelePresence System Quick Set C20 is an easy-to-install high-definition set top that offers you flexibility of choice of screen size, format, and manufacturer.
The Cisco TelePresence System Codec C40 can turn any conference room into an HD video collaboration environment. It is designed for any standard HD integration project – your choice of screen size, format and manufacturer with the added advantage of arranging multiple locations into a single conference using Multiway.

1 *Please note: The Cisco Callway service is high-definition capable. To experience high-definition telepresence requires sufficient bandwidth (usually 1 Mbps) and a high-definition capable endpoint (Cisco TelePresence® and video endpoints offer 720p and 1080p resolution).