Abaca’s Email Protection Gateway™

Get the best performance at the best price. Guaranteed.

Abaca has created a unique product that stops 99% of spam without any updating or management on your part. It’s the first truly plug-and-play anti-spam appliance.

Abaca Email Protection Gateway. 99% spam blocking everyday without tuning , or we pay you.

The core engine behind Abaca’s top technology is ReceiverNet™, a patent-pending approach to detect spam called receiver reputation. The technique is new, unique and revolutionary in the fight against spam. Receiver reputation considers that different people receive various amounts of spam.

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Top Features:

  1. ReceiverNet™
    ReceiverNet characterizes each protected user based on the amount of spam they receive and then uses those reputations to rate the incoming message flow from each IP-address. It works in any language and with both text and image spam. This is accomplished without any user or administrator intervention.
  2. User response training and forecasting
    To get to 99% and above consistently, Abaca pays close attention to other items a user may categorize as spam. Typically, these items are newsletters and travel offers that the user likely signed up for at one time, but now considers junk e-mail. 
  3. Secure appliance
    The Email Protection Gateway is based on a hardened and secure OS. The Web-based administration console and user quarantine are accessible through HTTPS. 
  4. Works with all email systems
    The Email Protection Gateway works with any email system that supports SMTP. It supports multiple Internet domains, LDAP and syslog. 
  5. Built for all size businesses
    The Email Protection Gateway comes in different models differentiated by capacity and system redundancies. It starts with the Email Protection Gateway 2100 going up to the Email Protection Gateway HA™.
  6. Easy to use
    With no software to install, Abaca Email Protection Gateway deploys in minutes. It includes automatic monitoring and alerts. The innovative quarantine interface significantly reduces the time users spend and accurately warns for fraudulent messages – “phishes”. In addition, quarantine messages are sorted by the likelihood of being legitimate, saving users more time. 
  7. Priority customer support
    Support offerings include Standard technical support: 8×5 e-mail and phone support and Premium technical support: 24 x 7.